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Gina T.
Fort Dodge, IA

System Requirements:

Runs on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and 2000. Including 32-bit & 64-bit versions. Download size: 3.4 MB

Software Description:

RegUtilities will run a scan of your PC and identify all system errors , missing or corrupt system files. It also identifies errors in ActiveX/COM objects, Windows startups, File associations, File path references, Shared DLLs. To fix these errors, you can purchase a one year registration of RegUtilities software for only $29.95 subscription including all new versions, unlimited smart updates and customer support.

*Free trial is limited to startup customization, registry scanning, backup registry ,defragmenter tool , restore already backed up registry file. To access software full functionality is $29.95 USD subscription including all new versions, unlimited smart updates and customer support for 1 year.

Steps to Repairing a Parsing Error on Your Computer

September 17th, 2011 Posted in Microsoft Excel Errors, Microsoft Word Errors Comments Off on Steps to Repairing a Parsing Error on Your Computer


What Is a Parsing Error?

If you’re attempting to export documents, or copy and paste information into certain programs, such as email or Microsoft Word, you might get a Parsing Error if the receiving software doesn’t correctly interpret the exported or imported information, or there’s an export of import error for some other reason. The text provided within the error pop up can sometimes help you pinpoint the issue.


What Causes a Parsing Error?

A Parsing Error can occur when you’re exporting information from one software program to another, such as from a Word document to your email platform, and the formatting from the originating program doesn’t translate correctly in the new program. For example, bullet points in Word might not translate and format the same way in the email software, or might not be identified at all. Also, a common reason for a Parsing error is when there’s an error in any programming code that’s in the process of being compiled.

How to Fix a Parsing Error

There are few options and workarounds to resolving a Parsing Error on your computer, depending on what the root cause of the issue is and what your end result should be.


Solution 1: Use Notepad for the Originating Content.

  1. Open Notepad on your computer.
  2. Copy the text from the originating document.
  3. Paste the text into Notepad to strip out all formatting.
  4. Go through and remove any bullet points or left over formatting in the Notepad document.
  5. Copy the text in Notepad.
  6. Paste the text into your final receiving platform (email, blog platforms, and so on).
  7. Format the text within the receiving platform for proper formatting within that program.
  8. Review the document to verify proper formatting.


Solution 2: Simplify the Formatting from the Originating Document with Plain Text when Exporting and Importing.

  1. When exporting or importing text, copy the text from the originating document.
    Paste the text in the new or receiving document by choosing to Paste as Plain Text by the method provided in the new or receiving document.


Solution 3: Fix the Computer Language Encoding Error.


  1. Review the computer language text of the program giving you the error message for encoding errors. If you are not computer savvy, you’ll want to ask a professional to assist you. If the error is with a particular website, for example, call the host of the website, or find someone who’s knowledgeable in the code being used, such as Java, Php, or XML.
  2. You may also choose to install a software program to help you debug coding to fix any errors.

One of these solutions should assist you with resolving a Parsing Error that appears on your computer. Let me know if I can be of additional assistance. Good luck!

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Steps to Repairing Microsoft Word Errors on Your Computer

September 11th, 2011 Posted in Microsoft Word Errors, Windows Update Comments Off on Steps to Repairing Microsoft Word Errors on Your Computer


What Is a Windows Microsoft Word Error?

If your computer is having issues opening a Microsoft Word document, then you may receive one of several Microsoft Word Errors on your screen. Microsoft Word Errors might appear as any one of the following: Compile Error in hidden module module name.; subscript out of range.; Cannot display the template add in template is not valid template name.; run-time error.; Word cannot open this document template template name.; module name cannot be found.; Visual Basic Error – Object doesn’t support this property or method.; The file cannot be opened.; The add-in template is not valid.; Microsoft VisualBasic – The macros in this project are disabled.; or Command cannot be performed because a dialog box is open.


What Causes a Windows Microsoft Word Error?

When a Word document cannot open and you receive any one of the Microsoft Word errors listed above, it’s typically because of an incompatibility issue meaning that an add-in in a startup folder on your computer is incompatible with Word.


How to Fix a Windows Microsoft Word Error

To fix a Microsoft Word Error, there’s a primary workaround solution that’s provided below.

Solution 1: Identify the add-in causing the error.

  1. Begin by closing any programs your computer is running, in particular all Microsoft Office programs.
  2. Identify the following path on your computer for the correct version of Microsoft Office Word installed on your computer:
    1. Microsoft Office Word 2000: Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Startup
    2. Microsoft Office Word 2002: Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\Startup
    3. Microsoft Office Word 2003: Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Startup
    4. Microsoft Office Word 2007: Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Startup
    5. Microsoft Office Word 2010: Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\Startup
  3. Open the folder.
  4. Move all files located within that folder to your computer’s desktop.
  5. Identify the following path: Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup
  6. Move all files located within that folder to your computer’s desktop.
  7. Restart Microsoft Office Word.


Solution 2: Use the Word Troubleshoot utility to identify and resolve startup problems with Microsoft Office Word.


  1. Make sure the Word Troubleshoot utility is installed on your computer. Note: If you first installed a complete setup for Microsoft Office Word, then you already have the Troubleshoot utility, but if you upgraded or used the typical setup when installing Microsoft Word, then you didn’t install the Troubleshoot utility.
  2. Use the following Microsoft resource to install and use the Troubleshoot utility:


One of these solutions should resolve most Microsoft Word Errors on your computer so Microsoft Word will begin to function and run properly. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance, and I wish you luck!

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