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Solve a Btrieve Error 3012 with Simple Steps

September 9th, 2011


If you receive a Btrieve Error 3012 Code, there are steps you can take to correct the error manually. It can be frustrating to deal with this computer issue, but it is not an error that will cause you to lose information nor does it mean there is a virus on your computer. Btrieve Error 3012 is the typical error message utilized by Windows and Microsoft-compatible software and hardware manufacturers.


What Causes the Btrieve Error 3012?

This code is normally a result of a misconfiguration of system files in the operating system for MS Windows. As a standard error message, the name Btrieve Error 3012 is identified as a Hexadecimal data format of the code utilized by the manufacturer to aid in diagnosing the error that occurred.

The Btrieve Error 3012 possesses the number code and the letter code where the memory regions are located, identifying instructions which are filled at the moment the error code appears.


How to Fix Btrieve Error 3012

Two primary solutions exist to solve the Btrieve Error 3012. If you cannot get a program to open and receive this specific error, you can try these two steps and one of them should solve the problem.


Solution 1: Reboot Your Computer


1. Close all programs/windows currently running if possible.
2. If possible, select the Start button.
3. Choose “Turn off Computer.”
4. Select “Restart” when the window pops up.
5. If you are unable to access the Start button, push the on/off button on your computer, or remove the power source. Then, restart the computer manually.


Solution 2: Repair the Btrieve Error 3012 and Restore Your Computer Manually


1. Close all programs/windows currently running on your computer.
2. Select the Start button.
3. Choose “All Programs.”
4. Choose “Accessories.”
5. Choose “Tools.”
6. Select “Restore.”
7. At the next window, choose “Restore my system to a previous date.”
8. Click “Next.”
9. Identify the most recent restore point in the list for “Select a restoration date.”
10. Click “Next.”
11. When the rescue is complete, return to the Start button.
12. Select “Turn off computer.”
13. Choose the “Restart” option to reboot.


Thank you for visiting our site to get the computer assistance you need. I hope this helped you to fix the Btrieve Error 3012. Best luck to you. Please let me know if you need additional help.

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