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Gina T.
Fort Dodge, IA

System Requirements:

Runs on Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and 2000. Including 32-bit & 64-bit versions. Download size: 3.4 MB

Software Description:

RegUtilities will run a scan of your PC and identify all system errors , missing or corrupt system files. It also identifies errors in ActiveX/COM objects, Windows startups, File associations, File path references, Shared DLLs. To fix these errors, you can purchase a one year registration of RegUtilities software for only $29.95 subscription including all new versions, unlimited smart updates and customer support.

*Free trial is limited to startup customization, registry scanning, backup registry ,defragmenter tool , restore already backed up registry file. To access software full functionality is $29.95 USD subscription including all new versions, unlimited smart updates and customer support for 1 year.

Fixing Your Computer When It Says Not Enough Memory


Computer users occasionally come across a message of not enough memory as they are attempting to save something or use a specific kind of application. Knowing how to deal with it will help eliminate frustration.


What is Not Enough Memory?

Not Enough Memory is an error message that users typically receive when attempting to use particular software or external hardware that demands more memory than the system is currently able to furnish.


What Causes Not Enough Memory?

There are a variety of things that can cause a computer to have not enough memory. There can actually be a problem with the memory card of your computer. However, typically the problem is that temporary files may be taking up too much space on your hard drive because the RAM or Random Access Memory is depleted as you open more and more applications.


How to Fix Not Enough Memory

Despite the fact that there are multiple possible causes for the “not enough memory” error, there are a limited number of ways to resolve the issue. Follow the steps below to figure it out and get the solution you need.



  1. If you received a second message in addition to your not enough memory message, follow instructions for correcting the second message. This usually takes care of the not enough memory error also.
  2. Go to the Start button and shut down your computer. Let it sit for a few minutes before restarting it.
  3. When your computer restarts, attempt the same action you received the error message with again. This is often enough to free up the necessary memory.
  4. Ensure that the computer you are using has sufficient RAM to handle the application you are attempting.
  5. Click on Task Manager and select the tab marked Performance to find out how much memory is being utilized and how it is used over time in a graph form.
  6. If you have insufficient memory still, choose to cleanup your temporary files, by clicking on Start.
  7. Opt for Programs; then Accessories; then SystemTools and finally DiskCleanup.
  8. Specify the appropriate hard disks you want cleaned and click OK.
  9. You may also need to remove old software that is outdated or unused. Do this by once again going to the Start button.
  10. Click on Settings; then Control Panel and then Add/Remove.
  11. A final way to free up memory is to empty your Recycle Bin on your desktop. Simply double-click on the icon; choose File and then Empty Recycle Bin. You will need to confirm your intention by answering Yes to the question.
  12. Finally shut down your computer again and start it back up before attempting the original application that caused your error.
  13. If the problem has not been resolved you may need to contact a computer technician for a new memory card.


Hope this helps solve your “not enough memory” error and gets your computer running smoothly once again.

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